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  • Mechanical Brothers

Mechanical Brothers

Posted On: October 28th, 2012

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Category: Physics


Description: The Mechanical Brothers game is about the brothers who need to create a mysterious machine. At each level, you will need to deliver information from one to another brother with the use of their cannon. Mechanical Brothers game is a quite simple and fun physics based on puzzle game and your work is to shoot the cannon balls and solve the puzzles at each level to enter into the next level or to finish.

Instructions: To play this, at first you will need to blow up each obstacles, that blocks the way to the next brother by shooting balls and blowing it. In addition, switch over to details and shoot the cannon balls to the next brother. With the use of described details you can easily finish and enter into next level with high lifeline. The graphics style and steampunk interesting levels will not make your tired and bored. Entering into next level is also very easy while controlling both brothers with the use of unique farting ability.

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