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  • Sticky Blobs

Sticky Blobs

Posted On: March 21st, 2013

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Category: Physics

Description: Sticky Blobs is a nice physics game where you are a sticky blob and you have to achieve the raspberry to complete the levels. The cute grayish sticky blob can be created and also destroyed by you as per the requirement of the level to get the berry. There are points for early completion and also there are stars which can be collected in each level and it helps to increase the points. There are 80 levels in total four stages. There is no time limit and the number of blobs that can be created depends upon the level of glue that is left with you. The higher the number of blobs, the more glue is utilized and if you want to increase the glue level, just destroy the blobs.

Instructions: The game can be played with the mouse. To create, hold the blob and drag it and to destroy it, just click on the blob.

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