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  • Bandits Multiplayer PVP

Bandits Multiplayer PVP

Posted On: October 24th, 2018

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Bandits Multiplayer PVP is the wild game for western cowboys playing in multiplayer mode. To free the small town from the clutches of anarchy, cowboys have declared a war against the bandits. You will be one of the death-dealing cowboy riding on your reliable horse. You will have to slaughter any bandits who stand as a hurdle in your path. Is anyone trying to take you down? Switch between the weapons like swords, pistol or bow and make them learn their place.

One can play it in 6 modes on three unalike maps. You will need to connect or set up to a server. The moment you site an enemy, go ahead and combat. The horse with the deadly kick will be your treasurable weapon. The game spices up when you enter into the mode of battle royale.

Instructions: M: Open the map.
T: Chat or communicate.
Tab: Pause the game.
Left mouse button: Attack 1.
Right mouse button: Attack 2.
Left shift: Race or sprinting.
Arrow keys: Move.
1-2-3: Switch between weapons.

Developer: FreezeNova

Features: Three alternatives in the map.
Multiplayer battle game including horse clashing in 3D.
Three weapon choices: pistols, bow and sword.
Three deadly horses.
Six types of modes: team deathmatch, arcade, zombie, battle royale, pistol deathmatch and survival.

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