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Stunt Simulator Multiplayer

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November 22nd, 2018


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Stunt Simulator Multiplayer is an addictive game where you tend to have a vast ground where many players get to practice their stunts crazily. The multiplayers can be added up to 20 members. The score is based on the stunt you perform gracefully in the track without getting your car wrecked. You also get to choose from 10 different cars. The graphics are made in such a way that it resembles where the car stunts take place.

You can also play in 3 different atmospheres which ultimately enhances the gaming experience. The controls are easy to adapt and fascinating to endure.

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Press “WASD” or “arrow” keys to move.
Press “Spacebar” to apply handbrake.
Press “Left Shift” to boost the speed.
Press “R” to reset your car.
Press “T” to chat with your co-players.


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Stunt Simulator Multiplayer Walkthrough


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