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  • Dragon Simulator Multiplayer

Dragon Simulator Multiplayer

Posted On: November 27th, 2018

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Dragon Simulator is an interesting game where your dream of being a dragon becomes true. In this game, you will be the dragon and you must attack the opponents with the help of fireballs and fire breath to fight against the obstacles for winning the game. As level passes by, the opponents become tougher. So you must play accordingly to clear all the levels. You can also choose your own dragon skin from 6 different skins and can play under 3 maps. Each of them are unique and interesting to play.

The controls might be little hard to excel but after you get it right, you would love the experience.

Instructions: Press “WASD” or “arrow” keys to move the dragon.
Use “Spacebar” key to fly-up.
Press “Left Shift” to sprint.
Use “Q” key to jump.
Use “C” key to get down.
Use “R” to dodge.
Press “Shift + Left mouse click” to release fire breath.
Do “Left mouse click” to release fireball.
Do “Right mouse click” to attack.

Developer: FreezeNova

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Dragon Simulator Multiplayer Walkthrough


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