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  • Ghost Hacker 2

Ghost Hacker 2

Posted On: April 23rd, 2013

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Category: Strategy

Description: Ghost Hacker 2 is a tough strategy game wherein your job is to rescue a ghost that is held captive. You have to enter the Ghost Quarantine and build towers to defend your Data Cores against hostile enemies. You will earn money by defeating the enemies and with the money you can build more towers in next levels. There are 35 levels in the game. Collect the Data Cores and upgrade your programs permanently and conquer all levels.

Instructions: The game can be played with the keyboard as well as mouse. In keyboard, “A” can be used to increase the speed 3x, “S” button for 10x speed, “D” to send waves and Spacebar to pause the game. The towers can be created with the click of the mouse.

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