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  • Love Balls 2

Love Balls 2

Posted On: December 1st, 2018

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Category: Physics


This is an updated version of the Love Balls game. Love Balls 2 is an interesting physics game which is cute and lovely to play. There would be two balls that are in love with each other and are waiting to be united. Your goal is to unite the love balls. One ball would be hanging in the air through a rope and the other would be lying on the ground. You must cut the rope in such a way that the love balls get united. One thing that you will definitely enjoy is that when you complete the level, there would appear a love quote on the screen which is really sweet.

You must also keep in mind that when you cut the rope, the ball must collect the hearts to complete the level with the highest score.

Instructions: Use “left mouse button” to drag and cut the rope

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Love Balls 2 Walkthrough


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