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  • Minecraft Tower Defense 2

Minecraft Tower Defense 2

Posted On: June 15th, 2015

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As the new version of Minecraft Tower Defense game series, Minecraft Tower Defense 2 is innovated with many new features. Some of them are listed as the high-qualified graphics, wide paths, multiple paths, and so forth. About the multiple paths approaching the house, they enable the players to build the effective strategies or traps to dominate the ruthless enemies.

Since it is convenient to set up the traps and turrets, you are able to defend your house safely via the fiercely protective system. By defeating or killing all of the zombies, skeletons, spider jockeys, silverfishes, etc., you can gain credits for the skillful play. Try your best to survive as long as possible! On the battlefield, kill your opponents without any remorse or they will eat you instead. Pass through 28 levels by placing the towers and traps along the way to house! Settle to work with your thoughtfulness!

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Minecraft Tower Defense 2 Walkthrough


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