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  • Strategy Defense 9

Strategy Defense 9

Posted On: September 3rd, 2013

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Category: Strategy


Description: If you love playing strategy games, don’t miss an opportunity to explore more amazing things in Strategy Defense 9 right now! Get ready to take action, all guys? Here we go! The game has 2 modes like Campaign and Single together with 11 available maps. It’s rather similar to other strategy games. At first, players will receive an amount of money to buy soldiers and towers. Then train the soldiers so that they can attack enemies automatically. The more the enemies are defeated, the more cash the players can gain. Remember to use the cash to buy more powerful soldiers as well as advanced towers. Especially, this game provides a bonus Special which is used to destroy the enemies when they’re so crowded. Defeat the enemies’ headquarters, and become a winner in Strategy Defense 9. Hope you have fun and good luck!

Developer: Belugerin Studios

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Strategy Defense 9 Walkthrough


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