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Posted On: August 27th, 2017

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Category: Minecraft

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Whenever there is an evil deed in the Minecraft world, Steve and Herobrine will appear to help weak guys. That’s why those 2 heroes always travel around different regions of this world to bring their assistance for all creatures in trouble. Today, they intentionally go through a dreary village, have a strange feeling about everything around.

It’s incredible to know that the village was assertively a place full of activity just 2 days ago. So, what happened? This fateful day was the time when lots of zombies flocked to the village from a cave. They devastated everything, caught animals to eat, and kill the villagers. Participate in ZombiesCraft as Steve or Herobrine and enter the cave to revenge all of the zombies for their attacks on this beautiful and peace land, all players! Take the sword and determine to slay all of them! Let’s go!

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