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Airplane Simulation: Island Travel

Posted On: June 15th, 2018

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Category: Driving

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Description: Airplane Simulation: Island Travel is an aircraft simulation game where you will fly your airplane to discover different beautiful islands. There are 3 different airplanes available that you can select to fly, however you will get chance to fly the first one only at the beginning. Play few levels to earn some coins and use them to unlock new aircraft.

There are total of 10 levels and each level will be unlocked, when you complete the mission of previous one. Lets show your piloting skill today by playing Airplane Simulation: Island Travel game.

Here are the overview of the missions of each level:
Level 1: Let’s have a light start. First day piloting is not easy, so let’s get you trained.
Level 2: The plane has to be reached its destination before weather conditions get worse.
Level 3: You need to carry your passengers on a long journey, Look out for fuel until you reach.
Level 4: The plane got hijacked and now you are being guided towards the wrong path. Lead your passengers to the safe path.
Level 5: You have lost the map, so you lost your way. Follow the balloons to get ahead of the path.
Level 6: Carry the soldiers to their work in time of need.
Level 7: Fly across the enemy borders and stay alert of the enemy radar.
Level 8: Load the luggage and fly across the valley, stay alert of the drone attacks.
Level 9: Fly along the airway! Stay alert of the air mines floating above you.
Level 10: Fly through narrow areas in short time, Stay in the correct path.

Instructions: Use Arrow Keys or ASWD to take off, landing, left turn and right turn the airplane.
Use Mouse Wheel to tilt the the aircraft down and up. Slow down the speed of the airplane during the time of landing.

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Airplane Simulation: Island Travel Walkthrough


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