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  • City Car Drift

City Car Drift

Posted On: October 30th, 2018

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Description: City Car Drift offers a thrilling experience in which you get to choose among 4 amazing and perfectly modeled sports cars and steer them in the middle of the night onto the desolated streets of a metropolis. Each car offers a unique set of features that would assist one in scoring first place while racing the other cars making their way around sharp turns and abrupt corners. City Car Drift tests your abilities to control and focus while driving and establishes a sense of achievement in the driver with every race completed. Definitely, a dream come true for all those who fantasize about recklessly racing fancy cars out on open roads.

Instructions: AWSD/Arrow Keys - Move the car
Spacebar - Handbrake
C - Switch Camera

Features: This game entails a 3D driving experience while exploring a metropolitan state in a range of sports car.

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