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  • Epic War 3

Epic War 3

Posted On: August 31st, 2014

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Category: Strategy


Description: The struggle of heroes against the conquest of their enemies has not finished. This version has a lot of legendary characters whom you can select for yourselves such as: Viegraff The Red is a hero whose father and king are killed in a rebellion and he want to reclaim the land of his family, Rembrant The Bloopy is a son of a former king betrayed by Viegraff’s father and he want to rebuild his family dynasty, Calp The Conqueror is a barbarian who like to conquer other regions and a lot of other characters. Play a role as one of these characters to join in the battle!

Instructions: Use the arrow key to move camera
Press the O key to choose all units
Press the Z key to forward
Press the X key to retreat

Walkthrough: Click Here for Walkthrough

Game not Loading: Click Here to Report

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Epic War 3 Walkthrough


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