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Grand Battlefield: Frontline Shooter

Posted On: August 11th, 2018

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Grand Battlefield: Frontline Shooter is a 3D action-packed shooting game in which you need to restrict the enemy from invading the city.

You are the last hope as the enemies are destroying the city and killing innocent people using dangerous weapons. You have to protect and rescue the people living in the city from the rage of terrorists. Try to shoot as many terrorists as possible with fewer Ammo.

Kill terrorist with some amazing and destructive weapons. Be attentive and cautious while you are in the arena because enemies are all around you.

Practice your shots in training mode. This will just not increase your accuracy but also helps you to take down your enemies in one shot.

Some amazing and crazy features of this game are as follows:
  • Choose any weapon from the inventory
  • Easy and smooth controls
  • 10 Practice and Mission Mode
  • Lots of enemies? Just throw the grenade at them and clear your path.
  • Aim your enemy from far distance using scope.
  • First person shooting game will give you an experience like you are in the game.

Instructions: X for sitting
V for punch
F for fire
Number Keys for change weapon
WASD Or Arrow keys for movement
R&Q for on side attacks
C for camera switch like hiding player gun and hands

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Grand Battlefield: Frontline Shooter Walkthrough


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