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PUBG Pixel

Posted On:
April 3rd, 2019



PUBG Pixel is the pixel version of the popular “Players Unknown Battle Grounds”. This is an interesting game where you must attack recklessly using your weapons to be the last man standing. As soon as you land on the ground from the plane, start your mission. Kill your opponents mercilessly using your weapons. You can enter houses to search for weapons and power ups too. You can even communicate with your team to coordinate. Get ready to rule the battlefield against unknown players from around the world.

More Info:
You can play PUBG Pixel unblocked on our Cool Math Games website. If you enjoyed playing it, you should take a look at our similar games Army Force Combat

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Use “WASD” to walk and move around
Press “Shift” to run or sprint
Use “Space bar” to jump
Press “C” crouch or prone
Use “Number keys” to switch between weapons
Press “F” to jump from the plane
Press “R” to reload
Press “E” to pick up the weapon

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PUBG Pixel Walkthrough


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