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  • Kolobok: Magic Mushrooms

Kolobok: Magic Mushrooms

Posted On: March 26th, 2013

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Category: Puzzle

Description: Kolobok: magic mushrooms is a nice fun game where you are a round smiley type character who has to eat mushrooms and other such things to go to the next level within the given time. There are features such as freeze, burn, roll, fly which helps to get pass through the different hurdles of the level and also ensure that the animals do not eat you so that you can get the mushrooms or the keys. The earlier you complete the level, the more stars you get (three being the maximum). There are 20 levels in the game and there is no limit of the number of lives.

Instructions: Use A/D or Left/Right Arrows to move the smiley, Spacebar or Down Arrow to do action.

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