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  • Ninja Miner

Ninja Miner

Posted On: June 12th, 2013

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Category: Puzzle

Description: Ninja Miner is a nice physics game in which you are a Ninja and you have to collect all the gems in each level (which are in form of mines) to proceed to next level. There are various tools available such as gold keys, axes, buttons, etc to clear various obstacles and collect the required gems. There are stars also available which if collected help to get higher points. There is no time limit to complete the level but there are spikes of which you have to be careful, else the level would be restarted.

Instructions: The game can be played with the keyboard and the mouse both. Use “Arrows” or “AWSD” keys for moving the Ninja in required directions. The same can be done with the help of movement of mouse also. Press Spacebar or click on the “Zoom” button to get the full or limited view of the entire level map.

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