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  • Off-Roader V6

Off-Roader V6

Posted On: February 5th, 2019

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Off Roader V6 is a unique 3D driving game where you can drive variety of vehicles around the city. Each vehicle available for driving possesses a V6 engine. You can switch between any vehicles you want, while you are driving. There are 3 choices for driving namely the city, F1 racetrack and the stunt arena.

The graphics is smooth and the gameplay is interesting. You can drive around the city or you can go off the road. That is your choice. Go ahead and rule the city.

Instructions: Use “Arrow” keys or “WASD” keys for driving the vehicle in all directions.
Use “C” key or “mouse” for changing the camera view.
Press “Spacebar” to apply handbrake.
Press “R” to repair the car.
Press “T” for toggle slow motion.
Press “P” for freezing the movement of the car.
Press “Y” for displaying the statistics of the vehicle.

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