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  • Soccer Physics 2

Soccer Physics 2

Posted On: December 20th, 2018

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Category: Physics


Soccer physics 2 is not a basic soccer game; it is a multi-player game where you must score the goal to increase your points. You will have two players on your team with whom you must defend the ball hit by the opponent from reaching the goal net and you must kick the ball so that goal is scored. As the name suggests, when you play this game continuously, you will become well versed in applying physics knowledge for scoring your goal.

There are two modes of game operation. You can play with the computer controlled team or you can play in multi-player mode in the same keyboard.

Instructions: For the first player, press “up arrow key” to jump and “left arrow key” to kick the ball.
For the second player, press “W” alphabet key to jump and “D” to kick the ball.

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Soccer Physics 2 Walkthrough


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