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  • Unfreeze Me 2

Unfreeze Me 2

Posted On: May 29th, 2013

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Category: Physics

Description: Unfreeze Me 2 is a cute physics based puzzle game wherein you have to freeze the birds in each level which are captured and locked in the ice cubes by the evil creatures. The cubes are required to be melted by pouring as much water on it through the jars available at specific places for each ice cube. The direction of water can be changed with the help of the objects available in each level. Also in some levels there are jars which if all are filled will give you bonus points. The earlier you free the bird you get higher the bonus time which result in higher points.

Instructions: The game can be played with the mouse. Just keep the mouse button pressed on the jar to release as much water you want. Also the objects can be moved or rotated with the help of the click of the mouse.

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