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Minecraft Creeper Diamond

Posted On:
June 27th, 2014


A creeper incidentally knew about a huge and precious treasure in a strange cave. He felt excited about it and craved for taking all. Could he attain his aim? Jump into Minecraft Creeper Diamond and see the ultimate result! At this time, players will go with the creeper and aid him to overcome some dangers in this cave. How? Observe 2 kinds of blocks like icy and arrow ones. Be clever and careful when jumping on these blocks because they might make the creeper tumble down the lava below. If it happens, he will turn back to the starting point. Therefore, to avoid wasting time, the players should help him take a flag in each stage in order to set up a critical checkpoint. Know its function, right? In addition, don’t skip grabbing available diamond eggs on the way to increase the budget. Time to demonstrate yourself, all Minecraft guys!

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Minecraft Creeper Diamond Walkthrough


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