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Posted On: November 4th, 2018

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For those eagerly waiting for a brand new high tech built shooter game, Archnemesis is here. Developed by Tyrus Shan, Archnemesis was released in October 2018. This multiplayer shooter game is where the player is armed fully with a bow and arrows. He needs to take down all the opponents in the game lobby to commence the race using the powerups available within the game map.

Each game is assigned with time slot of 5 minutes within which you need to try out and defeat as many opponents as possible. You will keep on collecting points with each opponent you defeat and the one with the highest points will be crowned as the game winner at the end. Players are entitled to set up their private game lobbies or tournaments to enjoy playing against their friends to fulfill the quest of finding out the best archer. So get the game and try it out soon. All the best guys!

Instructions: To move-arrow keys or WASD
To swap power-up or for pick-up- E
For shooting- Left Click
To open the emoji menu- Right Click

Features: A multi-player shooter game
Shoot more using the bow and arrows
Enabling varied arrow effects
A fast paced game with some cool bow-arrow strategies

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