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November 13th, 2018




PacMan.io is an updated version of retro PacMan. As usual, you have to collect the pellets on the floor and you will grow more and more on eating them. You must avoid the ghosts and the other players to stay alive in the field. But you can eat the other players if you are bigger than them. Otherwise protect yourself from being eaten.

The update from the classic PacMan is that multiplayer option had been added which enables much more fun. You and your friends can play in multiplayer mode. The game is too interesting that your fingers might want to work faster to stay alive. This might be a feast for all the PacMan classic fans.

More Info:
You can play PacMan.io unblocked on our Cool Math Games website. If you enjoyed playing it, you should take a look at our similar games Schoolbreak.io

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Use “Arrow” keys or “WASD” keys for movement.
Use “Left mouse button” or “Spacebar” for speed up.
Press “P” to pause the game.

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc

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