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  • Minecraft Mob Arena

Minecraft Mob Arena

Posted On: April 16th, 2015

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Category: Minecraft

Description: A very big battle is taking place in the mob world. Hurry up to play Minecraft Mob Arena and start enjoying it now, guys. In the game, humans and people have an important competition. This is the tournament to decide the new owner of Minecraft world. If the humans lose, they will be forced to leave from their own world. It is impossible, right? Come on and help Steve win the battle now. The boy is at the left side of the arena, and the creepers are at the right side. When enemies come, the players will take Steve to a safe place. Then, move forwards to kill all incoming creepers. Never let them reach the boy, or his health will decrease. Try to eliminate lots of rivals to gain more XP for purchasing armor and boosting the health. Good luck, my dears!

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Minecraft Mob Arena Walkthrough


  1. steve says:

    it wont even work!

  2. steve says:

    i hate this stupid thing

  3. jayo dat nigga says:

    shaft the police

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