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Posted On: December 12th, 2013

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Category: Minecraft


Description: If you love driving your car with high speed, don’t miss the chance to try your driving skill in Minekart, guys! This is the most wonderful driving game in Minecraft world. Come on and discover it right now! It is definitely sure that it will blow players’ minds by its cool speed. Do you want to get in the car and start the track now, guys? Before enjoying the game, the players need to remember some rules. The start point and the final line will be marked by the checked point. The time will be counted when the players start their race. Once reaching the end of the track, the result will be showed. They will see how fast they can drive after finishing the game. While running, remember to drive the car on the flash green arrow which makes their car run fast. Try not to run on the grass because their car will be slowed down. Come on and enjoy Minekart, players!

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