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Miami Crime Simulator 3D

Posted On:
March 28th, 2019



Miami Crime Simulator 3D is a ruthless exciting game where you are the cop that has to get rid of the bad guys in the localities of Miami and Las Vegas. Attack and destroy all the criminals to make the city a safer place to reside. You can take charge of anything you want like cars, jetpacks, tanks, helicopters, etc. You are the good cop here to save the people from these gangsters. Shoot the crates to collect the hidden goodies. The graphics resemble a deserted city. Your duty is to protect the town from the evil guys and maintain justice.

More Info:
You can play Miami Crime Simulator 3D unblocked on our Cool Math Games website. If you enjoyed playing it, you should take a look at our similar games Tank War Simulator

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Use “Mouse” to aim
Press “WASD” or “Arrow” keys to move around
Press “Spacebar” or “J” to jump
Use “Z” or “Left Mouse Button” to fire
Use “X” or “Right Mouse Button” to throw a grenade
Use “Shift” or “C” to activate agent time
Scroll mouse or “Q and E” to switch weapons
Press “Enter” to enter vehicles
Use “V” to change the camera view

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Miami Crime Simulator 3D Walkthrough


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