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  • All of Zhem: Escape Zombie Isl

All of Zhem: Escape Zombie Island

Posted On: December 7th, 2018

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All of Zhem: Escape Zombie Island is a survival game with an amazing story line. You are travelling in a helicopter and you run out of fuel in the middle. You land your helicopter in the middle of nowhere to find fuel. The place is filled with zombies and you have to survive by eliminating the zombies using the weapons.

The graphics is awesome and the game view is splendid to play. Explore the large island and reach your helicopter on time to survive. Survival is the key to win this game. Protect yourself from the horde of zombies and stay alive. Good luck!

Instructions: Use “WASD” to move.
Use “Space bar” to jump.
Click “Right mouse button” to aim.
Click “Left mouse button to shoot.
Press “1” and “2” number key to select the weapons.

Developer: KOEX studio

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All of Zhem: Escape Zombie Island Walkthrough


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