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  • Cars Thief 2: Tank Edition

Cars Thief 2: Tank Edition

Posted On: January 8th, 2018

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Category: Action


Description: In this Cars Thief 2: Tank Edition game you have to create havoc in the city by smashing and stealing other people's car, bus and bikes. Drive the military tank which is parked on the middle of the road and smash everything that come on your way. Shoot powerful cannons from your tank to make more destruction.

Instructions: Arrow Keys/ASWD - Move
F - Enter Vehicle
Mouse click - Shoot
Shift Key - Walk
Space - Break

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Cars Thief 2: Tank Edition Walkthrough


  1. Anonymous says:

    My game isn’t working right and you should fix it.I think you need to have a page available not hidden for the public to see if the need to get help.

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