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  • FireBoy and WaterGirl 4: The C

FireBoy and WaterGirl 4: The Crystal Temple

Posted On: March 15th, 2016

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Category: Misc, Puzzle


This is the latest version of the FireBoy and WaterGirl series and the mainc theme of this website. The game become very popular because here you can control both characters at the same time. It can be even played by 2 persons at the same time. The plot of the game is pretty simple - The Fireboy and the Watergirl went to the Crystal Temple to find the precious diamonds. They should help each other to pass the dungeon full of obstacles and reach the exit doors.

While playing the game you should keep in mind, that the fire and water never meet as they are opposing elements. You can control the characters with the following controls : [WASD] buttons for Fireman and Arrows for Watergirl. You will face a lot of difficult situation where the only way to survive is cooperation.

Walkthrough: Click Here for Walkthrough

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FireBoy and WaterGirl 4: The Crystal Temple Walkthrough


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