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  • Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels

Posted On: May 21st, 2012

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Category: Action, Misc

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Happy Wheels is an extremely popular physics based driving game developed by and playing more than 1 billion people online. Gameplay is very simple, first choose your obstacle courses such as Gut Bus Extreme, BMX Park II, TrapTrace etc. and get into the deadly ride. You can choose different vehicles such as wheel chair, cycle, bike etc. to drive. Test your skill to see how far you can maneuver on the deadly road.

There are a lot of characters in the game, but all of them have to be unlocked during the game. Most of the levels have to be unlocked too. Another feature of Happy Wheels game that everyone will love, is the ability to create your own track. Using the Level Editor mode, you can build your own level and than share with other people (only at official website.) You can even play levels, created by other users and have fun. I am sure you will really love this game and have a lot of fun.

Instructions: Up Arrow - Accelerate, Down Arrow - Decelerate, Back Arrow - Lean Back, Forward Arrow - Lean Forward, Z- Eject.

Developer: Total Jerkface / Fancy Force LLC

Walkthrough: Click Here for Walkthrough

Game not Loading: Click Here to Report

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Happy Wheels Walkthrough


  1. chickien says:

    this game is kinda like really fun but umm… yall need some more levels like realy once you play all the levels/boards then its not fun any more….

  2. Michelle says:

    I love Chris Brown 2015

  3. doggy unicorn says:

    This is a awesome game but that graphics could be better… thank you for the game and peace out person…

  4. aiden says:

    please let me play full screan

  5. lily says:

    i dont know if i like happy wheels or not

  6. lily says:

    reply if you love happy wheels !!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. jasmine cosby says:

    PLEASE i want to play the real one

  8. Jayla says:

    Yo improve Grand Theft Auto it’s bad.

  9. shantellsam says:

    yea this GAME IS AWWWWWWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. shantellsam says:

    Yea this game is awsome.

  11. shantellsam says:

    Have u ever played hill climb racing?????

  12. shantell says:

    wow this is cool.

  13. bootyhole says:

    best game iv played thx steve u pizza

  14. pizza meat says:

    good game
    and also pizza

    love pizza,meat

  15. hailie says:

    i can only play the demo theres no restart button so my guy is laying there all dead and im pressing the up and down arrow keys saying photocynthisis while his arms and legs move up and
    down.But thats kinda entertaining though so……

  16. leeland says:

    happy wheels are cool

  17. rimsim says:

    lovely game

  18. happywheels360 says:

    this game is the BLOODIEST game i’ve ever played

  19. jeff says:

    i love happy wheels

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