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Crazy GTA Mercenary Driver

Posted On:
April 16th, 2021

Action Driving


Crazy GTA Mercenary Driver is an online action packed game where you play the role of a thug! Your objective in the game is to steal and drive cars in the open-world! This game takes its inspiration from the popular series by Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto. Complete all the crazy 100 levels of the game and don’t forget to collect your money. Apart from roaming around the map, you can also do a variety of tasks like stealing, racing, drifting and more. Play this exciting game now!

More Info:
You can play Crazy GTA Mercenary Driver unblocked on our Cool Math Games website. If you enjoyed playing it, you should take a look at our similar games

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Arrow/ASWD - Drive
E - Enter/exit from car
Tab - Menu
Space - Brake
G - Reset car

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Crazy GTA Mercenary Driver Walkthrough


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