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  • Speed Miner 2

Speed Miner 2

Posted On: April 27th, 2015

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Category: Minecraft


Get already excited with Speed Miner 2? If yes, you surely remember the challenging and difficult journey of first version – the game’s title character. Although the previous travel brought him some wonderful achievements, he never stopped his exploration of the Minecraft world.

Playing Speed Miner 2, you are assumed to be his companion here. Don’t hesitate to experience this role instantly, players! It’s not hard to understand rules of the game since the players just break lots of blocks attached to arrows and TNT packs to make space for him. An allotted time for the devastation is set at the top, so it’s crucial that players have to be swift-fingered enough to have the best result. Come on! Hand him your support in his journey now! Good luck.

Instructions: Remove the blocks with arrow keys.
Explore TNT packs with the Shift key.

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Speed Miner 2 Walkthrough


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