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  • SteveRun Minecraft

SteveRun Minecraft

Posted On: April 27th, 2015

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Hey, guys! Steve is getting stuck in a creepy world. Hurry up to beat a Minecraft game – SteveRun and save him from the quest of terrible creepers. He will be grateful for you as you are willing to sacrifice your life to you him. Why don’t you go and take action right now?

This time, players will guide Steve through horrible areas and find the door exit to take him out. The urgent mission is to keep him alive by helping him overcome obstacles ahead on his way to the exit. Look! Many wooden planks, stones, and rocks are placed on the path. Be clever in moving him over them by jumping. To get over these obstacles intelligently, the players should tap Steve regularly and press arrow keys at the right time. He is allowed to jump on them to go ahead, but he cannot hit them. If letting Steve touch them, the rescue stops.

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