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18 Wheeler Impossible Stunt

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October 31st, 2018


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18 Wheeler Impossible Stunt lets you enjoy the all-new truck driving experience. The game offers you the superfine experience of balancing a truck all along the way. Here, what you need to do is to concentrate on the zigzags of the path.

Experiencing a truck driving was never so amazing like this. Select the truck and start the journey. You can even unlock the further trucks and levels by collecting the points. The other trucks and levels will unwrap the great surprises to you.

Sit on your couch or lying on the bed, enjoy the splendid experience of amazing ride with your gadget.

More Info:
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Futuristic Racing 3D

Arrow Keys – Control the Truck
C – Change Camera
Spacebar - Brake

It has amazing views that can match with 3D gaming.
You can unlock the trucks and levels by points or cash as well.
The realistic game exceeds the interest of a true gamer.

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18 Wheeler Impossible Stunt Walkthrough


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