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Little Big Snake

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April 3rd, 2018




Little Big Snake is a updated version of popular multiplayer game Slither.io and this time you will have more improved graphics with nice gameplay. Move the cute little snake while eating the scattered gems and grow it bigger. However you have to careful, because if your head hits with the body of other snakes, you will die. To destroy your opponents encircle them and when they move on your body they will die.

The interesting part of this Little Big Snake game is that size of the insect does not matter, you can destroy a bigger snake too using your brain and skill. Eat the gems which are emerged from the snake's body after you destroy them and grow yourself faster.

Another nice update of this game is that you can play as a bug too which can fly around the map and eat the orbs on the ground. While on ground, snakes can eat the bugs, so you have to stay alert.

More Info:
You can play Little Big Snake unblocked on our Cool Math Games website. If you enjoyed playing it, you should take a look at our similar games Slither.io


- Bubbles can be encircled and exploded, but can not be eaten.
- Dominator and Gold Digger achievements can improve your rating and wealth!
- Eat the fat and juicy snakes to grow faster.
- Swim longer in the water, to make your snake faster.
- Quick food consumption can help in gaining mass and restores energy instantly!
- Use acceleration to kill your opponents more efficiently. Press left mouse button and don't release it until one of you dies!

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Little Big Snake Walkthrough


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