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  • Dominia


Posted On: August 17th, 2018

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Category: Strategy


The Dominia is a strategic online multiplayer game. Here you have to play as an Orcs or Human beings, the choice is yours, build your own Village from the scratch and prepare your army for an upcoming fight. Just start as one and quadrilles your troop. Battle for your Glory and save your town from uninvited threats, sacrifice the blood for your own people. Give your enemies nothing just takes everything from them. Invite your friends to the party and play as one team to taste the victory.

Features and controls:

  • Use cursor to move your player.
  • Build House, farms and weapons.
  • Prepare your troops for the battle.
  • Just Enter the Friend code in the starting menu to invite your friends in your troop.
  • Eye pleasing graphics for better gameplay.

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