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  • Killers on Blocks

Killers on Blocks

Posted On: April 5th, 2015

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Category: Minecraft

Description: Hurry up to enjoy Killers on Blocks right now. This time, you have a mission to break into a forest of Minecraft world where dangerous zombies are living. They need to kill these creatures before they enter cities. It is time to take a powerful gun and start destroying all of the enemies. Firstly, players will use their map to go to the right place. They can find their rivals when traveling to the forest. This map will show them how far the rivals stand from them. Along the way, try to shoot them off to gain a large number of points. The better score is, the cooler you are, guys. Remember that you are the most excellent gunner so far; thus, never allow the monsters to eat you. Many lives are in your hands. Hope you eliminate all of the zombies!

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Killers on Blocks Walkthrough


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