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  • Minecraft Zombie Survival

Minecraft Zombie Survival

Posted On: March 21st, 2015

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Category: Minecraft

Description: Now, guys! Let’s see how wonderful you are when helping your best friend Steve from the death. Play Minecraft Zombie Survival and save him. As knowing, all players are difficult to win any Minecraft survival game because zombies are so crowded, and they cannot kill all of them. Do you have any way to eliminate all incoming enemies and help Steve live in the zombie world as long as he can? It is time to show it in this game now. Players will own a very powerful gun to fight against the zombies. Firstly, they need to move to a safe place, and then wait for their enemies. During the game, try to shoot many of the creatures off to gain high scores. Keep the health bar full until the end of the game, guys. Good luck

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Minecraft Zombie Survival Walkthrough


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